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Raspberry Pi version of Input/Output Board

I recently published a blog post with instructions on creating a simple DIY Input/Output board for the BBC micro:bit, it received a lot of interest and a number of people have asked about using it with the Raspberry Pi. In… Continue Reading →

Simple DIY Input/Output Board for BBC micro:bit

Using external input and outputs with physical computing devices can be intimidating for learners new to working with micro controllers. There are many add on boards available which can simplify the process, however class sets of these can be expensive…. Continue Reading →

micro:bit Logic Gates Practical (Updated)

In a previous post I presented a practical logic gates lesson using the BBC micro:bit, however it required quite a lot of setup and didn’t involve the students in programming the micro:bits. The original post can be found here. In… Continue Reading →

Cross-Curricular micro:bit Activities

This set of activities were designed to demonstrate how the micro:bit can be used to bring programming to the science classroom. There are three activities, two of which are adapted from tasks originally developed by the STEM centre. Activity 1:… Continue Reading →

BBC micro:bit for Visually Impaired Learners

I have recently been working with visually impaired children and wanted to investigate how physical computing could be made accessible to them. I decided to focus on the BBC micro:bit at it is currently a popular choice of physical computing… Continue Reading →

Arduino and Linker Introduction

TheĀ Linker Base shield enables a range of components to be easily connected to the Ardunio Uno. This tutorial will cover how to program the Arduino to control 3 LEDs.

microbit Logic Gates Practical

microbit Logic Gates Practical Overview: I wanted a hands on way to teach logic gates and truth tables to my students, so I decided to program a set of microbits to act like logic gates. These logic gates could then… Continue Reading →

BBC microbit Lessons for Micro Python

microbit Lessons Overview: This is a set of BBC microbit lessonsĀ I developed using Micro Python. It features six lessons in the form of PowerPoint workbooks. You can either use the Python editor on the micro:bit website or you can download… Continue Reading →

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